We can prevent homelessness before it begins by identifying at-risk individuals and families, and then connecting them with resources including financial and legal assistance, and appropriate discharge planning. How can you help prevent homelessness?
By clicking on one of the puzzle pieces above, you are taking a crucial first step to end homelessness in Charlotte. Educate yourself on the existing efforts, then get involved with one of the agencies listed with each puzzle piece and make a difference.

Financial Assistance

Many Americans are just one crisis away from homelessness. But financial aid can often keep a family from losing their home when disaster strikes. This may include help with:

  • Rent assistance
  • Moving costs
  • Utility payments
  • Financial counseling

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Legal Assistance

Most people lose their housing through eviction or foreclosure. But legal assistance can frequently prevent illegal evictions and mortgage foreclosures, as well as obtain, improve or preserve housing subsidies or disability payments.

Discharge Planning

People who are not prepared to re-enter the community from foster care, hospitals, incarceration and other institutions often end up on the streets. Assistance at the point of discharge can eliminate much of this homelessness. This may include:

  • Help finding appropriate housing
    (which may include a transitional home)
  • Ongoing support from a social worker
  • Connection to mental health services
  • Employment assistance/job training

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Crisis Assistance Ministry

Crisis Assistance Ministry provides assistance and advocacy for people in financial crisis, helping them move toward self-sufficiency.

  • Volunteer As A Group
    Muffin Ministry/Lunch Ministry
    Muffin Ministry volunteers provide and serve food and beverage for customers in line or in the lobby at Crisis Assistance Ministry. A kind smile, snacks, drinks, and food are a much welcome relief to people who are facing the uncertainty of financial crisis.
  • family-friendly opportunity
  • Volunteers under the age of 16 are required to bring an adult.

The Relatives

The Relatives Crisis Center provides a safe location for youth 7-17 who have run away from home, are homeless or just going through a rough family situation with nowhere else to turn. On Ramp is a Resource Center for any young adult 16-24 years old in Mecklenburg County who may need help making the successful evolution from youth to being an independent adult. Journey Place is a specialized program for young adult males 18-21 who are aging out of foster care and need assistance making the transition from foster care to being an independent adult.

  • Volunteer As An Individual
    The Relatives provides a variety of opportunities for volunteers – for both individuals interested in working directly with youth and those who just want to “help out around the house.” We regularly enlist the help of businesses, church groups, youth programs and others to help paint inside and out, maintain the yard, or tackle larger maintenance projects. Many of the same groups may also choose to provide activities for the youth, including art projects or recreational opportunities.
  • family-friendly opportunity

  • Volunteer As A Group
    • Organizing an evening or weekend activity with the youth, including games, craft projects, presentations/demonstrations, cooking lessons, and more.
    • Sponsoring or donating dinner or lunch – groups bring dinner on a regular schedule and stay for food and fellowship.
    • Done-in-a-Day projects like spring and fall yard maintenance, window cleaning, organizing, and other chores.
    • Tutoring and mentoring.
    • Helping organize agency activities.
  • family-friendly opportunity

  • Donate Items
    • Deodorant/anti-perspirant
    • Body wash and body puffs
    • Shampoo and styling products
    • Soap, all-natural or Dove
    • Feminine hygiene products
    • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss (travel size)
    • Hair combs and brushes, wavy brushes
    • Hair grease, gel, and hair moisturizer
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Toilet paper
    • Mattress pads
    • Mattress covers (plastic)
    • Twin sheet sets

Agencies Involved

Crisis Assistance Ministry
Legal Aid of North Carolina
Legal Services of Southern Piedmont
The Relatives