Advocacy for change is critical to end and prevent homelessness. Public policy can either create or solve issues of homelessness. How will you use your voice to speak out for positive change?

Our Community

As the adage goes, “All politics is local.” Speak out to City Council members, County Commissioners and others in our community to help end and prevent homelessness.

Souls of Our Neighbors:
Fears, Facts & Affordable Housing

The purpose of this award-winning documentary is to provide a structured process through which participants explore the myths and realities of affordable housing and the people who reside in affordable housing.

  • Volunteer As A Group
    Documentary Viewing
    Schedule a viewing of this 28-minute DVD and facilitate a discussion afterwards for your neighborhood group, congregation or workplace. For more information, visit

Ask City Council to Keep Focus on Families Most in Need

The City Council is on course to drastically change the use of affordable housing bond dollars. Currently, these dollars focus on very-low income and homeless families, but some members of Council want change the focus to moderate-income households. The city's own data shows that the market provides sufficient housing options for moderate-income households, but that there is a 16,000 unit gap for the poorest families. Click here to read a statement from the Homeless Services Network regarding the proposed change.

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    Contact City Council
    Please let City Council know you want affordable housing dollars to focus on those with the greatest need.

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    Share a Link to this Site
    Please share this site with others who might also be willing to contact City Council members. Together we can solve the puzzle of homelessness.

Ask City Council to Allow Affordable Housing Near Transit Stations

On Monday, May 14, 2012, City Council is voting on a new policy that will discourage the development of affordable housing near transit stations. The proposed policy works against the guidelines of the primary funding source for affordable housing developments. Click here for the letters from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Coalition and the Homeless Services Network that explain why both organizations advocate changing this policy.

  • Volunteer As An Individual
    Contact City Council
    Contact members of City Council and ask them to allow one building in a multiple-building development near a transit station to include 100% affordable housing.

Efforts Involved

Housing Near Transit Stations
House Those With the Greatest Need
Souls of Our Neighbors